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Traffic Tickets

Ontario is getting tough on the law regarding distracted driving. Did you know that on a first offence you can receive a fine and lose demerit points.

Most people thing that getting caught for speaking 15km/hr over the speed limit isn’t a huge charge.

Careless Driving
Careless driving is a very serious charge that could land you a fine up to $2,000, jail time and lose 6 demerit points.

Display Screen Visible
Don’t mount that phone! Even mounting your phone on the dash can result in serious fines.

Stop Sign
Blowing through that stop sign, rolling it, or even stopping after the line can result in a failure to stop.

Failure To Signal
Didn’t signal throughout the full turn or didn’t signal at all? You can be charged. which can result in fine and lose points.

Failure To Stop For School Bus
Passing a stopped school bus or not stopping at least 30 meters away from it can result in a fine.

Stunt Driving
Stunt driving is a very serious charge you can get charged for racing, performing a stunt or exceeding the speed limit.

Landlord & Tenant Board

We can protect your rights as a tenant or a landlord when we prepare your case and represent you at the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing.

Small Claims

We can be retained for the sole purpose of attending the following types of hearings: Motions, Settlement Conferences, Terms of Payment Hearings, Assessment Hearings, Trials, and Garnishment Hearings.

Refugee Board Hearings & Appeals

We can represent you at the refugee board for your hearings and appeals.